Kingdoms is an upcoming Larp in Denmark. It's a larp about nobles, intrigues and drama. A setting inspired by historical events and fictions like "Game of thrones"


The house of Breinheart had long rained as ruler over the country of Kheolonia. It was first when High King Ulrich raised the taxes to an unreasonable degree that the realm rebelled. 


The Breinheart only assisted by the house of Pykara lost after years of civil war. The high king, his sons and his most loyal commanders were executed on the spot. 


Victorious were the rebellious houses of Targos, Leenos, Garvo and Reaver. Here in the aftermath of the war they all had to find a spot around the table and form a new Khelonia. 


The old wiseman Lord Toron of the small, but neutral and impartial house Falkaster bannermen to the great neutral house Serranos, was appointed Steward to lead the coming negotiations regarding who should ascend the throne and the disputes of territories.

4-6 September

Toftholmvej 66,
4550 Asnæs Denmark