Our history goes on in a fictional low fantasy universe. Inspired by the dark middle ages of the westeren Europe. and historical events like "The Field of Cloth of Gold" fictions like "Game of Thrones"


Here big noble houses band together to create kingdoms. Though there is no “dominant” gender both sons and daughters are married off for alliances, favors or wealth.


This larp is about intrigue, drama, trade and back alley deals. It’s by design not fair and not balanced, some houses are stronger than others and some will experience great setbacks, it’s all part of the plan. 


Kingdoms is a no combat scenario, thereby not said that it's not allowad. It just have to be played out safe.

What can I play?

You are free to be very creative with your character, you have a lot of freedom. Every house need some nobles and the structure of the house could look like this:

  1. Matriarch or Patriarch

  2. Treasure Master (Master of trade)

  3. Commander of the troops

  4. Bannermen

  5. Guards

  6. Servants

We strive to make sure that there is something to do for everyone.

The nobles will plan and discuss a a lot. The bannermen will compete in tournaments against each other. The Guards will petrol and keep the safety. The servants will work hard to keep their masters pleased.

We will use an NPC (None Player Character) group to make sure the game never gets boring.

The Council of Houses

Once a year every great house meets to plan out the coming your, but the last couple of years have been very different because of the war. 


Now that the war is over the great houses have once again decided to meet, this time with very pressing matters at hand. 


The Council of Houses will this time take place at the neutral hold of Lord Toron Falkaster. Lord Toron is one of the Bannermen to house Sarranor. Everyone attending has sworn a vow of diplomacy and therefore no violence of any sorts is allowed under the punishment of the gods. 

Responsibilities of the Council

  1. Determine the fate of House Breinheart and House Pykara

  2. Determine what will happen the the territories that belonged to House Breinheart

  3. Crown a new King or Queen of Kheolonia

Sub- responsibilities

Conduct new trade plans, alliances and schemes.  


To help the process along steward Toron have suggested an order of business. Only nobles can vote. Every house has to present a set number of nobles to vote, to ensure each house is equally presented. 


Day One

Every noble gets a word round. 

Every house gets to present a plan.


Day Two

The two plans with most votes go on.

Changes can be made to the plan before the final voting.

Final vote.