The Great Houses


The beaten remains and survivors of the once ruling house.

The longest ruling house, and the house which brought civilization to the snow-wastes. They hold their traditions high and the family who have been ruling house Breinheart has been doing so, for generations. Now greatly reduced in numbers after the loss of the war, it’s up to the princess to save the remains of her house. 


  • Princess Kiara Breinheart

  • Nephew to the dead king, Ulrich Breinheart


Thought of the other houses:

  • Targos: They think too highly of themselves, they are so young and naive. Their biggest mistake was challenging our throne, it will be their downfall.

  • Leenos: Enemies for sure, but we know them to be the most reasonable of the traitors. But one never knows, their ways are shifty as the wind.

  • Garvo: They are not as crazy as they look, they are just slow and stubborn. They are older than most and they have much wisdom to share. 

  • Reaver: They think too high of themselves, sure they bring us great treasures, but they cause great losses as well. 

  • Pykara: They have been through a lot, lost a lot and always been loyal. 

  • Serranor: A respectable house, so sad they were neutral during the war. That we won’t forget easily. 

Keywords: Proud, Civilized, Elegant, Royalty.

“Our Family, Our History, Our Strength!”


The leading house of the rebellion, strong in multiple ways, a great contender to the throne.

The house of Targos was the primary instigators of the rebellion and with the backing of house Leenos, the rest quickly followed. The alliance was strong in the beginning of the rebellion especially between Targos and Leenos, since the two leaders are siblings, but as they grew closer to victory, the alliance became unsteady and the house of Targos now fear that they don’t have the same support they once did.

Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: We had been waiting long for an opportunity to but them in their place. Greedy,  selfish monsters.

  • Leenos: They seem to see sense in our ways. We have been fighting side by side for long, but I fear I sense a dagger behind their backs.

  • Garvo: Strong and proud, but not fit to be kings. Stay out of our way and we will be fine. 

  • Reaver: An untamed beast, dangerous if left to itself.

  • Pykara: Once a great house with many strong knigts. Sad they couldn't see reason.

  • Serranos: Weaklings, cowards.. Let them rot in their hole.

Keywords: Proud, Stubborn, Strong, Warriors, Hateful

“Stand proud, stand tall, roar”


The house of intrigue, strong in knowledge and with a great spy network, but few in numbers. 

The house of spies, lies, mischief and secrets. The guildmasters of Leenos built a powerful house on the foundation of lucrative contracts and the act of “lawfully” breaking them. Quick to see profit in the trade of valuable information in times of war and turmoil, the Leenos started out as a collective of equally clever and power-hungry court-advisers, diplomats and advisory representatives of several houses in Kheolonia. The same houses that now see them as traitors and unloyal folk, see themselves forced to participate in the games and trades constructed by the Leenos as the spies and network of the house collects important information in times of war.

Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: How the mighty have fallen.. Hmmm...

  • Targos: Our brothers in arms, as long as we can agree on how to govern things. 

  • Garvo: As long as they stay beneath Banthia River they can play pretend all they want. 

  • Reaver: Savages the lot of them, stubborn to a fault.. We need to direct their anger away from us. 

  • Pykara: Maybe there is profit yet to be made of this house. 

  • Serranor: No one is ever truly neutral… 


Keywords: Pleasers, Schemers, Intelligent, resourceful

“"When action grows unprofitable, gather information;
when information grows unprofitable, sleep.”


The old forest pesople. With lineage that provides claim to the throne but do they have the power?

The original people, they walked the forests and the snow-wastes long before the Breinhearts brought the kingdom together. Garvo is not as much of a house, as it is a clan of those who believe in Gaea and her teachings. Give to the earth and the earth giveth back, take from the earth, and the earth taketh back. 


Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: Like a young stag thinking himself king of the forest, they forget that their fathers gave them the forest, and that Gaea made the forest in the first place, their quick attained power goes to their heads.

  • Targos: As  a fever to a child, easily overcome by Gaea's will, but if the child is weak, it will probably kill its host and thereby itself.

  • Leenos: There is no honor in making a deal with the devils.

  • Reaver: A boar that will impale itself on your pike and take you with it, to its inevitable death. If you lead the boar, it is the strongest ally.

  • Pykara: A wounded bear will protect its family and it will do so with all its might. Wounded animals stay together the strongest because they know they need each-other 

  • Serranor: Wise old men, to weak to fight. But we respect their knowledge and guidance. 


Keywords: Honorable, Old ways, Nature, Distrustful, Wise  

“Give to the earth and the earth giveth back,
take from the earth, and the earth taketh back.”


The Reavers don’t care much about the throne, but are seeking coastal territories and raids.

“Let those who want to banter and politics do so, we fight and gather the resources on which this land is thriving”. Reavers think of themselves as the main source of Kheolonia’s thriving. To a Reaver there is no glory in politicking, it is but a mere practicality, like cleaning their swords from the blood of their many enemies.

Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: They are bound by their own made up laws. They fight bravely and if they quieted all that politicking and economizing they would earn our respect, for they are leaders by heart.

  • Targos: They are a tool, with which we will achieve the coasts and materials we need to expand our (and the kingdoms) bounders. They are boring, but we have a common goal; change.

  • Leenos: They are bureaucrats and cowards. They serve an unimportant role in the future we seek, but they are infinitely weak and serve no threat. To us they are like a rat to a bear. 

  • Garvo: They are our connection to Gaea, and their role is often underestimated. Sometimes the spirits are too strong for them, and they dive too deep into their spiritual gibberish, but they serve an important role.

  • Pykara: Let the moles hide in their high castles, and if we ever need a wall, let it be them that patrol it, they are too afraid to use the power their strong bonds posses. Gaea has smitten them for their fear.

  • Serranor: What? Is there a seventh house? I have never seen them fight, so do they really exist?


Keywords: Warriors, Uncivilized, Barbaric, Reckless, Adventures 

"No guts, no glory!"


The smallest of all the houses, have lost a lot in the past and their territories are threatened.

Hopefully one day the sun will shine it's pretty face upon the castles of Pykara again. The wars have brought the brothers and sisters of house Pykara even closer. Panser clad and hard bitten are the Pykara. Hasn’t it been for their iron will there had been no house of Pykara. They lost many men during the Battle of Trilandia, a battle they will forever hold the Reavers accountable for.


Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: Blind to their privilege and the responsibility, it was only a matter of time before someone did something about it.

  • Targos: They have a fire inside of them, them initiating the rebellion proved that, but they lack the self control to control said fire.

  • Leenos: Too smart to ever underestimate, but they are cowards by heart. A strong allied or enemy. They aren’t fit to rule, but they surely have a place by the table.

  • Garvo: Mystics and druids, we don't understand them, yet we admire their will to fight for what they believe in.

  • Reaver: Rambling idiots, they are bloodthirsty, stubborn and causing unnecessary harm to our kingdom with all their raids! 

  • Serranor: Why didn’t they aid us? They would be a great house with some spine. 


Keywords: Knights, Riders, Honorable, Desperate, Strategic

“Willpower is perseverance, perseverance is strength”


Neutral through and through, or so it seems.

The neutral house of Serranor. Sworn to be the neutral house that will bring order back to the realm after it’s civil war. For generations it has been regarded as a house filled with wisemen, merchants and diplomats. They have been used in the past to settle disputes, but not all houses trust them equally. Some see their neutrality as a veil in which they plot and scheme their own games. 


Thought of the other houses:

  • Breinheart: A noble house that overstepped. They have learned their lesson.

  • Targos: Too proud for their own good, and could easily be the doom of us all. 

  • Leenos: They scare us.. What’s going on behind that smile of theirs?

  • Garvo: They still cling to the old ways. They will turn back the clock on our kingdom if given the chance. 

  • Reaver: Ah yes, anger made manifest, sadly they point to much of their anger inwards. 

  • Pykara: Once a great house, but fate has dealt them a cruel hand and all they have left is their saddle and no horse. 

Keywords: Wise, Diplomatic, Traders, Righteous, Insightful

“Knowledge cuts deeper than any sword”