The Kingdom of Kheolonia is much more than just a fine plot of land. It’s 4 regions, each with several different territories.


Central Region

The central region of Kheolonia is the fertile home of the kingdom's capital Port Vincent.


North West Region

The barren lands of the northwest, not much can grow up here, but it's lands are filled with riches in the earth.


North East Region

The mysterious region of the northeast holds many ancient secrets, and it's mines go deep.


South Region

The biggest of all the regions and habits everything from the great Deep Dark Wood to the Wyvern Coastline.


The territories

Every territory is governed by one of the 7 great houses. With the exceptions of almost all of Breinhearts territories, since they just lost the great Civil War.  


Each territory generates an income in form of resources or tax, but also has some upkeep cost in the form of resources and tax. No house has all the resources they need, so arranging trade deals is imperative. 

The Kingdom of Kheolonia