What is Kingdoms?

Kingdoms is a larp (Live action roleplay) where you as a player take the role of one of the prominent characters in one of the great houses of Kheolonia. Our game starts at the Council of Houses, a meeting where all the seven great houses attend to determin the future of the kingdom. 

In short Kingdoms is a larp about negotiation, intrigue and drama.

The game takes place at the hold of the newly appointed steward Lord Toron. It’s set at a time almost directly after the end of the concluding battle. Wounds and injuries are still fresh and the nobles of the different families now have to decide who the new regent should be and negotiate on different political matters and disputes of territories. 

What do I need to play

You will need a costume fitting into a dark fantasy west european theme. And you will have to apply for a house and position in that house. You will shortly after hear from us if that spot is still available. 


After that you will have to create a character with some pointers from us. 

  • We will supply rules for that role you will play.

  • You will get a few character relations from us (You are free to create more yourself, but we will supply some to help facilitate intrigue and drama).

  • And we will of course give you more information regarding your house and family. 

  • In our world men and women can both be leaders, warriors or whatever they desire.